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The easiest way to experience better PostgreSQL database performance. 
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Add massive parallel processing to PostgreSQL

Swarm64 accelerates Postgres performance on FPGA-equipped servers. Swarm64 loads the FPGA with hundreds of SQL readers and writers that work in parallel.

Swarm64 users see improvements such as:

  • 50x faster queries
  • 35x faster loading
  • 5x less storage space
  • 5x better price-performance
Your free PostgreSQL acceleration trial:
  • 1-week cloud instance equipped with:
  • An Intel PAC FPGA accelerator
  • PostgreSQL
  • Swarm64 DA PostgreSQL accelerator
  • Tour of your Swarm64 DA setup with a Swarm64 DA expert
About FPGAs

FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) are reprogrammable hardware devices that can implement custom-developed logic that accelerate a specific workload such as database SQL execution or data compression and encryption.

FPGAs accelerate computing via parallel processing, and also by taking workload off of the CPUs in the server, freeing them to do other tasks.

Many cloud providers, such as Amazon provide FPGA-equipped instances.

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