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Build a time series data platform with Swarm64 DA-accelerated PostgreSQL

Swarm64 DA software accelerates PostgreSQL time series database performance to achieve the high-velocity data insertion and fast query performance that time series systems demand.

The ability to define richer, relational time series data models in PostgreSQL and extend them over time enable you to meet a wider range of time series use cases than NoSQL time series databases (TSDBs) like InfluxDB and others.​ 

Swarm64 DA & PostgreSQL for time series data

Millions of time series events per second

Swarm64 DA accelerates Postgres performance to insert and query millions of data points per minute. 

Partitioned and parallelized

Time series data stored in partitioned columns, accessed via parallelized queries for sub-second processing. 

Richer time series data models

Create & extend rich time series data models in SQL to support more advanced use cases like industrial & financial time series.