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Measure FPGA acceleration for any Postgres project, any time with technology and expertise from Swarm64

Make better-informed data platform decisions

How fast can Postgres go?

Can I switch to Postgres?

How will Postgres scale?

Don’t answer these questions without running Postgres on FPGA-equipped servers. FPGA acceleration is the  simplest way to accelerate Postgres performance. The Swarm64 Lab License gives you the freedom to measure FPGA-accelerated Postgres for all new projects so you can make game-changing (and money-saving) data stack decisions. 

Toyota discovered they could scale for 67% less cost

Toyota PostGIS benchmark FPGA
  • Building a connected car system
  • Using free, open source PostGIS
  • Benchmarked FPGA-accelerated PostGIS under concurrent load with the Swarm64 Lab License
  • Finding: Each PostGIS server ran 3x faster with FPGA
  • As a result, their cluster can be a third the size as the they expected (e.g., 3 servers vs. 9)

Swarm64 Lab License - $550 per month

For $550 per month, you’re equipped with the latest high-performance Postgres technology and access to Swarm64 experts.

  • Run the Swarm64 DA Postgres accelerator on-premises or on the cloud (AWS F1 instances)
  • Run on a single server–no CPU or FPGA limits
  • Supported by Swarm64’s Postgres performance experts
  • Non-production use only
  • FPGA hardware not included
  • Lab License cost is credited to your Swarm64 DA purchase if you upgrade to a production license

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