PostgreSQL TPC-H SF1000 benchmark with Swarm64

20x faster PostgreSQL query performance

Swarm64 DA extends open source PostgreSQL with query engine improvements, greater parallel processing, and compressed columnstore indexing that accelerate query performance 5x to 60x.

  • 20x faster TPC-H benchmark performance
  • Serve 10x more concurrent users on the same hardware
  • Smarter query planner – spend less time tuning
  • Increased resource efficiency
  • Faster, memory-efficient SQL JOINs
  • Query large databases – many terabytes in size

Standard PostgreSQL extension

Swarm64 DA installs as an extension to open source PostgreSQL. Just get Swarm64 DA for free, install the extension, and see immediate query acceleration.

  • Works with the PostgreSQL you know & love
  • 5x – 60x faster queries on standard PostgreSQL tables – with full ACID, reliability, and security of PostgreSQL
  • No rearchitecting or data migration required
  • 100% compatible with PostgreSQL technology ecosystem
Postgres vs Mongodb benchmark chart

Do more with PostgreSQL

Faster query performance enables you to expand usage–and cost benefits–of PostgreSQL. Use Swarm64 DA-accelerated PostgreSQL for query-intensive projects.

  • Larger scale reporting and dashboarding
  • Data warehousing – replace legacy Oracle, SQL Server, IBM systems
  • HTAP and mixed workloads
  • Operational analytics, machine learning & data science
  • Fast data aggregations, pipelining, & ETL

Free to start, huge cost savings

Are you spending too much time and money on PostgreSQL tuning? Hardware upgrades? Rearchitecting? Legacy or cloud data warehouse databases? Get Swarm64 DA for free, and start saving time and money.

  • 20x faster performance, for less than the cost of a hardware upgrade
  • Simple, transparent pricing
  • Get performance engineering support from the PostgreSQL experts at Swarm64
  • Use PostgreSQL to cut data warehousing costs by 90%
Postgres open source tco total cost of ownership comparison

Swarm64 DA features


PostgreSQL extension

Swarm64 DA extends free, open source PostgreSQL. Not a fork and no migrations or SQL or coding changes required.

Greater parallelism

5x more parallel workers per query, and queries execute in parallel at every phase, from scanning & filtering, thru joining, sorting, & aggregating.

Columnar storage

Define compressed columnstore indexes on any PostgreSQL table to dramatically reduce I/O and speed up queries.

Improved query planning

Enriches PostgreSQL with better cost statistics and query plans for faster queries without changing your SQL semantics.

Faster SQL JOINs

Special hash join algorithm runs 3x faster, and use 50% less memory. Join-billion row tables in seconds.

Deployment flexibility

Swarm64 DA accelerates PostgreSQL v11 and higher, on-premises or on the cloud. Run it on any hardware that PostgreSQL supports.

Swarm64’s PostgreSQL expertise helped our data scientists gain the ability to test new algorithms more quickly and against larger amounts of data. It’s a nice competitive advantage for us.

Michael Tegtmeier, Founder, Turbit Systems

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