Swarm64 Database Accelerator

Turn PostgreSQL into a powerful open source data warehouse with Swarm64 DA & FPGA

FPGAs: from niche to mainstream...

Field-programmable gate arrays (FPGA), which famously powered the Netezza data warehouse appliance back in the 2000’s, are now readily available and affordable to everyone.

Swarm64 Data Accelerator (Swarm64 DA) enables companies to accelerate database performance on FPGA-equipped servers and achieve game-changing breakthroughs in analytics.

How Swarm64 DA works

Scale inside - thousands of parallel processes

When Swarm64 is installed, it programs the FPGA with thousands of processes that work in parallel to write, read, filter, compress, and decompress data within your database tables. Not only does this add powerful new processing to your DBMS server, it also lowers the CPUs’ workloads, which increases their throughput as well.

Swarm64 DA features

  • No changes to your SQL or application code.
  • Ingest millions of rows per second, from multiple data sources & data types
  • Zero-overhead compression (on live data and back-ups)
  • Separation of compute and storage; use any storage layer
  • Optimized columnar data storage for efficient range queries, auto-partitioning, time series, and log data processing

How can Swarm64 help?

Data warehouse modernization

Replace costly, outdated analytic databases with free open-source PostgreSQL accelerated by Swarm64

Netezza replacement

The original FPGA-accelerated data warehouse appliance, now discontinued by IBM. Move your Netezza workloads to Swarm64.

Time series data

High-velocity data insertion, combined with fast concurrent queries of time series and PostGIS data. A Swarm64 sweet spot!

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