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Swarm64 releases Swarm64 DA to empower real-time analytics for high-velocity data

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New Swarm64 DA with Intel® FPGA technology delivers real-time processing of one million records per second in analytic database applications.

Swarm64, provider of the scalable data accelerator (SDA), enabling relational databases to perform real-time big data analytics, demonstrated its technology at M|17, the MariaDB user conference in New York. Swarm64 has introduced its new Swarm64 DA, which empowers a single server to ingest more than a million records per second as well as analyze the data in real-time. Swarm64 DA utilizes the performance of Intel® Arria® 10 FPGAs to deliver these results and integrates seamlessly into MariaDB and PostgreSQL databases.

Features of Swarm64 DA include:

  • Plugs into MariaDB and is accessible through the storage engine interface.
  • Offloads CPU work onto the FPGA and is transparent to applications.
  • Can be fully controlled and configured by any experienced database administrator.

Relational databases and SQL continue to be the backbones for data analytics in the enterprise, but present databases are inadequate for processing large amounts of high velocity data within real-time limits. Swarm64 DA is an easy to use, cost-effective solution eliminating the risks and expenditures inherent to introducing new IT systems.

“Many industries face a data explosion from growing numbers of connected ‘things,’ and companies want to expand their business models to include data analytics” said Karsten Rönner, CEO of Swarm64. “Swarm64 DA enables anyone with basic skills in relational databases to gain deep new business insights.”

“Along with Swarm64, Intel is shortening our customers’ time to insights in a world of billions of smart and connected devices,” says Mike Strickland, architect and director, data center and storage business, Intel Programmable Solutions Group. “Using Intel FPGAs as accelerators for Intel® Xeon® processors in databases is a proven way to deliver faster results for business.”

Contact Swarm64 at to receive additional information and reserve a trial installation.

Intel, Arria and Xeon are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation in the US and other countries.

About Swarm64

Swarm64 is the developer of hardware accelerator solutions for PostgreSQL, one of the most widely used databases in the world. By leveraging FPGA hardware accelerators, Swarm64 provides the easiest way for businesses to scale PostgreSQL performance for analytics systems. Founded in 2013, Swarm64 has built world-class teams in accelerator image and database software development. It is backed by leading venture investors from the US, Norway and Germany and industry partners like Intel and Xilinx. Swarm64 has operations in Seattle, Berlin and Cologne.

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