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Video: Increasing PostgreSQL parallel query execution with Swarm64

Posted in How to, PostgreSQL, Video

One of the core features of Swarm64 DA is helping the PostgreSQL query engine achieve greater parallelism. Obtaining a higher degree of parallelism during query execution is imperative for executing complex queries against large data sets, or for many concurrent users.

In this 2-minute video, Swarm64 CEO and co-founder, Thomas Richter, explains how the Swarm64 DA extension increases parallel query execution in PostgreSQL:

Key parallel query processing learnings:

  • With greater parallelism, Swarm64 DA takes query execution time from minutes to seconds.
  • Swarm64 DA increases the number of parallel workers that can be assigned to a query.
  • Swarm64 DA allows query processing to execute in parallel throughout the entire query (including aggregating and sorting) by intelligently shuffling data between execution nodes within the query engine.
  • Swarm64 DA includes more memory and I/O efficient parallel JOIN functions that can quickly join data in very large tables containing billions of rows.

For even more detail on PostgreSQL query parallelism, check out this best practices webinar, PostgreSQL Parallelism Do’s and Don’ts.

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