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Announcing Swarm64’s partnership with Command Prompt, Inc.

Posted in News, PostgreSQL

We’re excited to announce that we’re launching a strategic partnership with Command Prompt, Inc. We are teaming up to help organizations dramatically lower the cost of analytics and database management by enabling them to use the free, open source PostgreSQL database for data warehousing, analytics, and large-scale reporting applications.

Command Prompt, Inc. is the oldest and largest dedicated PostgreSQL support provider in North America, and is poised to offer Swarm64 DA-related services to current and future PostgreSQL users.

Swarm64 – Command Prompt partnership highlights:

  • This partnership aims to bring greater availability of open source software to analytics and data warehousing, which are currently dominated by expensive, proprietary commercial databases
  • Command Prompt will provide development and support services for Swarm64 DA-accelerated PostgreSQL
  • Swarm64 DA’s extensions will enhance PostgreSQL with greater parallel processing, columnar indexing, I/O reduction, and other features that accelerate query performance and scalability

Gartner Research predicts that 70% of new DBMS projects will run on free open source DBMS by 2022, and that 50% of today’s DBMS apps will have been migrated to open source by that time. Swarm64 and Command Prompt are helping companies make this transition by accelerating free, open source PostgreSQL to address a wider variety of projects.

“When it comes to reporting and data warehousing, PostgreSQL is an exciting option with its truly free licensing, extensibility, and decades of maturity–this partnership enables PostgreSQL with state of the art extensions and service to address the rising demand of analytics markets,” said Joshua Drake, Founder and Lead Architect of Command Prompt. “PostgreSQL has become the market choice with all major vendors as not only a transactional but also a Document and Data Warehouse/Analytics platform. It is among the top five most widely used and growing databases in the world, and a consistent choice of developers,”

Paul Kochanski, VP Channels at Swarm64 agrees: “We’re very excited about teaming with Command Prompt to transform the economics of data management. Using Swarm64 DA-accelerated PostgreSQL, backed by Command Prompt’s deep PostgreSQL development and support expertise, we will help customers eliminate analytic data platform cost and complexity barriers, enabling them to build more solutions that provide valuable insights to the organization.”

For more information or to see how your organization can benefit from this partnership, get in touch with our sales team.

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