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Video: Swarm64 DA Columnstore indexes explained

Posted in How to, PostgreSQL, Video

Are you in index “hell” ? With typical B-tree indexes, you must guess which columns will be selected by your queries most of the time. If you index too few columns, your queries will be slow. If you index too many, you will pay a performance penalty maintaining all the indexes.

Enter the Swarm64 DA columnstore index. In this two-minute video, Swarm64 CEO and co-founder, Thomas Richter, explains what columnstore indexes are, and how they greatly speed up PostgreSQL queries:

Key PostgreSQL columnstore index learnings

  • A single columnstore index can be defined in one statement for all of the columns in your table.
  • The columnstore index is heavily compressed and therefore much more compact and lightweight than maintaining several B-tree indexes.
  • Columnstore index sits on top of your table’s existing structure. Postgres will use it when appropriate.
  • This allows for much less access time and faster, highly parallel query processing.

For even more detail on PostgreSQL columnstore indexes, check out these resources:

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