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Improving RDS PostgreSQL application query price-performance 25x with PG Nitrous

In this post, we detail the query price-performance advantages of PG Nitrous by comparing TPC-H benchmark results for Amazon RDS and PG Nitrous.

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Announcing PG Nitrous 6.0

I’m pleased to announce that Swarm64 has released version 6.0 of the PG Nitrous PostgreSQL cloud database. It’s now easier than ever to launch and configure PG Nitrous with optimal AWS cloud infrastructure for your workload.

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Announcing Swarm64 DA 5.2

We’re happy to announce that Swarm64 DA 5.2 has been released, which comes with several improvements to make deployment easier and more flexible.

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Using PG Nitrous as a fast read replica for Amazon RDS PostgreSQL

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to set up a PG Nitrous database as a read replica for your Amazon RDS (Postgres) database.

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Announcing PG Nitrous – a faster PostgreSQL cloud

Announcing PG Nitrous, a new PostgreSQL cloud for people who want fast query performance. Hosted on AWS and powered by Swarm64.

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Announcing Swarm64 DA 5.0

Swarm64 DA 5.0 brings even faster, easier PostgreSQL query acceleration, with columnstore indexing, faster table scans, and more.

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