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Backup and restore data in PostgreSQL foreign tables using pg_dump

A recent Swarm64 contribution to PostgreSQL 13 that enables pg_dump to more fully support the backup and restoration of foreign tables.

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Amazon EC2 F1 instance icon

Provision Postgres on an FPGA-accelerated AWS F1 instance in 5 minutes

Want to lower data platform costs for analytic or query-intensive projects? Consider free, open source Postgres on an FPGA-accelerated AWS F1 instance for great price-performance. Here’s how to do it…

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hardware acceleration for postgres 2020

3 hardware acceleration options Postgres users should know in 2020

The three hardware acceleration options that we believe will have the most immediate impact on Postgres users in 2020. FPGA, Intel Optane, Samsung SmartSSD.

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Scaling an elastic PostgreSQL cluster using foreign data wrappers

How to set up an elastic cluster with parallel query execution using freely available open-source components from the PostgreSQL ecosystem.

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