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Announcing Swarm64 DA 5.0

Posted in News, PostgreSQL, Product

With today’s release of Swarm64 DA 5.0, we bring you even faster, easier PostgreSQL query acceleration. Swarm64 DA 5.0 gives your open source PostgreSQL database the speed to do more: handle more data, more users, and more query complexity.

The new goodies in Swarm64 DA 5.0 include the following:

  • Compressed columnstore indexing, which transparently caches your PostgreSQL tables in a compressed column-oriented format. Queries that benefit from column-oriented access will automatically retrieve your data via the index for dramatic speedups and without having to sacrifice relational ACID properties.
  • Faster sequential scans than the default PostgreSQL implementation, these are just faster without any effort or changes on your part.
  • Automatic analysis of tables to avoid unexpected slow queries because someone forgot to ANALYZE a table.
  • PostgreSQL 12 support is certified, so you can now use the Swarm64 DA extension to accelerate PostgreSQL 12.x or PostgreSQL 11.x databases.
  • Faster DISTINCT statements – we’ve extended Swarm64 DA parallel processing extensions to now also speed up queries with DISTINCT statements.

Columnar storage made easier (without foreign tables)

Columnar storage is a proven way to speed up database queries by reducing I/O. Earlier versions of Swarm64 DA and other PostgreSQL acceleration extensions implement columnar storage via the PostgreSQL foreign tables interface. The foreign table approach requires you to migrate or replicate your data from PostgreSQL base tables into the column-oriented foreign tables.

Columnstore indexes in Swarm64 DA 5.0 provide the query acceleration benefits of columnar storage transparently, without requiring you to migrate or duplicate data into foreign tables. It’s easy – just get Swarm64 DA 5.0, install it into your PostgreSQL 11 or 12 server, define a columnstore index, and you should see faster query performance.

Get started with Swarm64 DA 5.0 – development licenses are free

Curious about whether Swarm64 DA will speed up your PostgreSQL queries? Here’s how to learn more and get started:

We hope to hear from you; we love feedback on your Swarm64 DA experience. As always, stay tuned for more news. Same swarm-time, same swarm-channel.