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Announcing Swarm64 DA 5.2

Posted in News, PostgreSQL, Product

Happy new year to all Swarm64-fans! I’m happy to announce that Swarm64 DA 5.2 has been released, which comes with several improvements to make deployment easier and more flexible.

Swarm64 DA 5.2.0 improvements include the following:

  • Deployment as deb and rpm packages for Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 20.04, CentOS 7, and CentOS 8. Swarm64 DA no longer requires you to deploy it as a Docker container, but if you are a Docker fan, then installing Swarm64 DA in your own Docker container is easier than ever.
  • A new settings advisor helps you ensure that PostgreSQL settings are configured for optimal Swarm64 DA-accelerated query performance.
  • EDB PostgreSQL Advanced Server (EPAS 12) support. In addition to support for open-source PostgreSQL 11 and 12, Swarm 64 DA 5.2 accelerates query performance for people who enjoy the enterprise features of EPAS.

Easier to start 

Our main focus for version 5.2 is to make it easier to install and initiate the Swarm64 DA extension, especially when using it to accelerate existing PostgreSQL databases. The new, simpler deployment process is as follows:

1. Set up the Swarm64 repository

2. Install the Swarm64 DA package

3. Load your Swarm64 DA license

4. Adjust Swarm64 DA-related configuration parameters in your database.

Swarm64 DA 5.2 helps you adjust your PostgreSQL database settings with its new settings advisor, which recommends rules. When you run EXPLAIN the settings advisor displays any suboptimal setting. You can also use the swarm64da.show_advice() function to show them or consult the tuning section in the documentation for a more complete list.

Try it yourself by requesting a free developer license!