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Announcing PG Nitrous – a faster PostgreSQL cloud

Posted in News, PostgreSQL, Product

We are thrilled to announce the release of PG Nitrous, a new PostgreSQL cloud database for people who want fast SQL query performance. 

With 30x faster SQL query performance than Amazon RDS, and more flexible pricing than the Amazon Redshift cloud data warehouse, PG Nitrous is perfect for businesses looking for an easier and more scalable way to handle SQL queries on terabytes of data at a compelling price. 

What is possible with PG Nitrous? 

  • PG Nitrous is PostgreSQL, hosted on AWS EC2, and accelerated by the Swarm64 DA extension.  
  • Within minutes, you can launch, load, and query 10x to 60x faster. 
  • Benefit from the query acceleration features of the Swarm64 DA 5.0 extension – greater parallelism, columnstore indexing, faster JOINs, and more.  
  • Retain all the benefits of PostgreSQL 12. Full ACID compliance, no scripting, or SQL changes. 
  • Add your favorite tools or extensions from the vibrant PostgreSQL community.
  • Keep full admin control of your database, and backed by PostgreSQL performance experts at Swarm64. 
On-demand webcast: Intro to PG Nitrous

Good use cases for PG Nitrous 

PG Nitrous is perfect for query-intensive database workloads: 

  • Reporting and dashboarding – handle more users, more data, more complexity  
  • Data marts – save money by using PG Nitrous instead of Oracle, SQL Server,…  
  • Fast read replicas 
  • Analytics and data science 
  • Mixed (HTAP) workloads 

What’s next? 

Delivering a faster PostgreSQL cloud database experience is just the beginning. We are working on enhancements to PG Nitrous to add automatic tuning, automatic scaling, and more. We invite you to give PG Nitrous a try, and look forward to working with you as we journey forward with PostgreSQL!  

Try PG Nitrous – 30 day free trial

You can start your new database project or spin up a read replica of your existing deployment for only 0.72 $/hour (starting price for the service). 

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