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Announcing PG Nitrous 6.0

Posted in News, PostgreSQL, Product

I’m pleased to announce that Swarm64 has released version 6.0 of the PG Nitrous PostgreSQL cloud database. It’s now easier than ever to launch and configure PG Nitrous with optimal AWS cloud infrastructure for your workload.

Version 6.0 includes the following improvements for PG Nitrous:

  • Easily configure compute and storage resources on launch. PG Nitrous will now automatically invoke the appropriate EC2 compute instance and attach the optimal EBS storage configuration according to your workload characteristics.
  • You can enter a default Postgres DB user password during launch process, and PG Nitrous will automatically configure PostgreSQL to accept those credentials.
  • PG Nitrous 6.0 is powered by Swarm64 DA 5.2, giving you access to the settings advisor to help you tune your database according to your needs.

Simplified, More Flexible ‘Getting Started’ Procedure 

The new Launch using Cloud Formation option allows you to choose a compute and storage combination depending on the size of your expected workload and launch an instance of PG Nitrous with an optimal and cost-effective compute and storage performance setup. All without having to go through the complex process of manually setting up cloud infrastructure:

1. Launch using the CloudFormation option from the PG Nitrous page in the AWS Marketplace,

2. Name your PG Nitrous instance and set a default PostgreSQL DB user password,

3. Choose your workload size – small, medium, or large,

4. Enter your AWS VPC, subnet and security group in which you want your PG Nitrous to run,

5. Connect to your PG Nitrous cloud database instance, and you’re ready to go.

During launch configuration, you’ll be able to invoke the AWS cost calculator to view the total cost of your choices at any time.

Of course, for experienced cloud users we’ve retained the option to manually choose an EC2 compute instance and finely tune the attached EBS storage. We also offer a quick-start option to launch with default compute and storage resources optimized for 1TB analytical workloads.

Try for yourself and see how easy it is to get started with PG Nitrous in the AWS Marketplace, and please feel free to browse the documentation at your leisure for more information.

What’s Next for PG Nitrous?

We at Swarm64 are excited to share some of the imminent features you can expect for PG Nitrous in the coming months. First, we’re working on making the process of connecting a PG Nitrous data warehouse to your operational PostgreSQL database as a read replica supremely easy. Later, you can expect to have PG Nitrous automatically schedule backups – including point-in-time recovery – of your PostgreSQL data. We will continue to stick to the philosophy that PG Nitrous should manage all associated AWS infrastructure and resources, hiding complexity for you the user, so you can focus on gaining business insights from your data.