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Simply fast.

PostgreSQL you know & love (but faster)

  • Standard PostgreSQL 12 database hosted on Amazon EC2
  • Accelerated by the Swarm64 DA extension – greater parallelism, columnstore indexing, faster JOINs, and more
  • 5x – 60x faster queries on standard PostgreSQL tables – with full ACID, reliability, and security of PostgreSQL
  • Keep full admin control
  • Supported by Swarm64 PostgreSQL performance experts
  • 100% compatible with PostgreSQL technology ecosystem

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PG Nitrous is perfect for…

  • Fast, scalable reporting & dashboarding – easily handle terabytes of data
  • Data warehousing/data marts
  • Read replicas
  • HTAP and mixed workloads
  • Machine learning & data science
  • Fast data aggregations, pipelining, & ETL

Free to start, huge cost savings

  • 20x better price-performance than Amazon RDS
  • 3x lower cost than cloud data warehouses
  • Replace legacy data warehouses with PG Nitrous to lower data platform costs by 50% to 90%
  • Spend less time tuning and rearchitecting PostgreSQL to improve performance
  • Start for free, no up-front commitment or credit card required.

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PG Nitrous features

Standard PostgreSQL 12 DBMS, accelerated by Swarm64 DA extension
30x faster queries than Amazon RDS PostgreSQL
Compressed columnstore indexing
Extended PostgreSQL parallelism
Faster SQL JOIN algorithms
Accelerated sequential scanning
Benchmarking kits
100% compatible with PostgreSQL tools & extensions
Fast launch from AWS Marketplace
HostingAWS – any US or EU region
Flexible instance options16 – 96 vcores
up to 448TB storage
Quick launch
Supported by Swarm64 PostgreSQL performance experts 
Free trial

Pricing starts at $0.72 per hour

Start your free trial. No AWS account, credit card or up-front commitment required.

The easiest path to faster PostgreSQL performance…