Elastic scaling for Postgres

Elastic Postgres scaling with parallel query execution

PostgreSQL patch: Elastic scaling with parallel query processing

At Swarm64, we are PostgreSQL and parallel processing experts. We are known for our FPGA hardware acceleration solutions that help speed up and scale PostgreSQL-based data warehouses

We have also developed a free open source patch to the PostgreSQL foreign data wrapper interface that enhances PostgreSQL with elastic scaling and faster query processing under concurrent user load.

This extension works in FPGA- or non-FPGA-equipped PostgreSQL servers.

Postgres parallel scaling extension

Parallel query performance across shards

If you divide your data across separate Postgres shards (via foreign data tables), the patch allows queries to execute against their respective shards in parallel. This yields better, more predictable performance, and greater concurrency.

No forks, no cloud service costs

The Swarm64 open source patch extends native PostgreSQL so you can scale PostgreSQL up and down without paying for expensive cloud database services or getting locked into commercial PostgreSQL forks.

Dynamic cluster sizing

With a bit of load balancer cleverness, shards (as foreign data tables) can be added or removed from a cluster, dynamically.

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