September 2020

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Swarm64 DA Product News

Swarm64 PostgreSQL extensions V5 beta released – try it for free
Swarm64 DA 5.0 – now enhances PostgreSQL with new Columnstore indexes, faster sequential scans, greater parallelism in DISTINCT queries, and more. It’s easier than ever to speed up and scale PostgreSQL with Swarm64. We’re looking for feedback – try it out and let us know what you think.

Swarm64 PostgreSQL News & Knowledge

Podcast – Reinventing PostgreSQL for Open Source Data Warehousing
On the Data Engineering Podcast, Swarm64 CEO, Thomas Richter describes how Postgres is evolving to become an open source threat to data warehouse databases like Oracle, SQL Server, and Netezza.

Command Prompt, Inc. and Swarm64 team up
PostgreSQL experts from Command Prompt, Inc. And Swarm64 team up to help companies lower the costs of data warehousing and analytics with free, open source Postgres, accelerated by Swarm 64 DA.

Will Swarm64 speed up my Postgres database?
This blog post details the different Postgres workload scenarios that Swarm64 DA does and does not speed up.

PostgreSQL Events & Webinars

Postgres Parallelism Do’s & Don’ts – Webinar recording & slides
Solution Architect Sebastian Dressler explains how to master parallel processing in Postgres to maximize query performance.

Intro to PostgreSQL Columnstore Indexing – Webinar recording & slides
Learn how to use the new Columnstore Index for PostgreSQL – 20x faster queries, and easier to migrate query-intensive apps from SQL Server or Oracle to free, open source PostgreSQL.

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