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October 2020

Welcome to the 2nd issue of the Swarm64 PostgreSQL newsletter. Feel free to share this with friends and sign up to get relevant news for PostgreSQL performance innovations and best practices.

2020 database performance survey 

2020 database performance survey
PostgreSQL and other DBMS users—take this brief survey on database performance. Where does fast performance matter most? Survey takers get a copy of the results, and a free Swarm64 DA developer license.

PostgreSQL news & knowledge

Introduction to PostgreSQL columnstore indexing
Learn how new compressed column store indexes in PostgreSQL speed up database query performance by greatly reducing I/O during query execution.

Connect with PostgreSQL users on Discord
Join the Postgres Discord server to learn more about PostgreSQL, share feedback, ask questions, and connect with PostgreSQL community members.

Future trends in PostgreSQL performance – interview
Swarm64 CEO Thomas Richter spoke recently with Upside about how PostgreSQL is evolving to address a wider range of enterprise use cases–especially analytics and data warehousing.

SQL and PL/pgSQL best practices and patterns
Swarm64 Senior Solution Architect Sebastian Dressler shares best practices and pattern for SQL and PL/pgSQL.

Swarm64 DA Product News

New Swarm64 DA 5.0 technical overview white paper (.pdf)
Take a deep dive into Swarm64 DA – learn how it technically works to speed up PostgreSQL query performance.

Swarm64 introduces new Performance Engineering service
Identify & resolve your Postgres performance issues with help from Swarm64 DA performance experts.

Swarm64 Partner News

Swarm64 expands its partner program
Swarm64 has introduced new ways for services and technology providers to work with Swarm64 to help customers build innovative new PostgreSQL solutions.

Cypbertec releases Scalefield
Scalefield is a new platform that allows you to easily host PostgreSQL clusters within your own private cloud – fully flexible, scalable and reliable.

A quick look at PostgreSQL13 query performance
Swarm64 partner, Cybertec, explains new query engine features in PostgreSQL 13.

Upcoming PostgreSQL training courses

October, 19th to 23rd, 2020 Course: Administration & Performance Tuning (English)
November, 23rd to 25th, 2020 Course: Kubernetes in PostgreSQL (English)

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