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April 2021

Welcome to the 6th issue of the Swarm64 PostgreSQL newsletter. Feel free to share this with friends and sign up to get relevant news for PostgreSQL performance innovations and best practices.

PostgreSQL news & knowledge 

Video: Increasing PostgreSQL parallel query execution with Swarm64
In this 2-minute video, Swarm64 CEO and co-founder, Thomas Richter, explains how the Swarm64 DA extension increases parallel query execution in PostgreSQL.

How the PostgreSQL query optimizer works
Let’s take a tour through the PostgreSQL optimizer and get an overview of some of the most important techniques the optimizer uses to speed up queries. 

Setting up SSL authentication for PostgreSQL
This post will help you to set up SSL authentication for PostgreSQL properly, and hopefully also to understand some background information to make your database more secure.

Swarm64 DA Product News
Improving columnstore and btree index cooperation in Swarm64 DA 5.4.0
Swarm64DA 5.4 enables you to mix-and-match columnstore and btree indexes for better query performance with mixed (HTAP) workloads.

Video: Installing the Swarm64 DA extension into an existing PostgreSQL database
This video shows how easy it is to install the Swarm64 DA extension into an existing PostgreSQL database to speed up query performance.

Events & Courses

Webinar: Accelerating Amazon RDS performance with PG Nitrous May 6 2021, 10AM Pacific
Learn how to accelerate Amazon RDS PostgreSQL query performance by 30x using PG Nitrous as a fast-query replica.

Big Data Summit – Modern Data Warehousing with Open Source PostgreSQL  May 11 2021, 2 pm UTC -4
Swarm64 CEO, Thomas Richter will cover PostgreSQL performance improvements (better partitioning, better statistics, JIT Compilation, etc.) that make free, open source PostgreSQL an excellent alternative to legacy data warehouse and OLAP databases.

Training: Administration and Performance Tuning– May 17 2021- May 19 2021

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