Netezza replacement

FPGA-accelerated PostgreSQL is the perfect replacement for your aging Netezza data warehouse appliance

Netezza data warehouse appliances have been end-of-lifed

In 2003, Netezza revolutionized analytics with its SQL data warehouse appliance. It famously featured a cabinet full of FPGA boards working in parallel to ingest and query large volumes of data warehouse data on PostgreSQL. In 2010, IBM acquired Netezza, and recently announced discontinuation of Netezza support.

If this has left you looking for a Netezza replacement, you have come to the right place.

Replace Netezza with a new FPGA data warehouse appliance

Today, FPGA hardware is readily available and affordable to everyone. Swarm64 software enables companies to accelerate SQL database performance on FPGA-equipped servers–on premises or on the cloud–and achieve game-changing breakthroughs in analytics.

Swarm64 DA – massive parallelism for PostgreSQL

Swarm64 DA software runs on the FPGA, populating it with hundreds of SQL readers and writers that work in parallel to speed up PostgreSQL query and data loading performance. 


Netezza replacement - free trial request

We can set you up with a free Swarm64 DA/PostgreSQL stack in the cloud. An easy way to compare Swarm64 DA against your Netezza performance.

Netezza v. PostgreSQL & Swarm64 DA benchmark

A healthcare company seeking a Netezza replacement, compared FPGA-accelerated PostgreSQL performance to that of their Netezza data warehouse appliance. The test involved 10TB of data. Swarm64 DA accelerated free, open source PostgreSQL 11 on a single Intel Xeon server equipped with an FPGA card from Intel. They evaluated ad-hoc queries and highly tuned production queries. 

Swarm64 DA performance was equal to or vastly better than Netezza in most cases, and with little tuning required. Swarm64 DA changes the economics of data warehousing, enabling you to replace expensive Netezza appliances with open source analytic data stack, on premises or on the cloud.

  • Ad hoc #1
  • Ad hoc #2
  • Dashboard #1
  • Dashboard #2
Swarm64 DA
  • 38 sec.
  • 42.76 sec.
  • 0.11 sec.
  • 0.70 sec.
  • 8600 sec.
  • 6703 sec.
  • 0.62 sec.
  • 0.42 sec

Swarm64 DA as a Netezza replacement

Faster than Netezza

The Swarm64 technology is over a decade newer than Netezza, and customers report Swarm64 delivers faster SQL query performance in many cases.

More flexible scaling

Swarm64 scales elastically, by adding or removing single FPGA-equipped servers to a cluster. This is more economical than Netezza, which "scaled" by the rack.

Deploy anywhere

Swarm64 can run on FPGA-equipped commodity hardware installed anywhere, on-premises or in the cloud. Netezza is an on-premises solution only.