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Our vision is to solve the challenge of fostering smart decision-making creatively in a mutual learning community. For that we work inventively to make a difference by providing fast database systems at low cost.


Team Work

Everyone is included doing their best and supporting one another to achieve a common goal



At Swarm64 you are given the freedom to create



We give equal opportunities, evaluating without bias yet with empathy



We deliver the outcome that we have committed to


Make a difference

We develop and deploy technological innovations with a wide-reaching positive impact


Continuous Learning

We actively seek and welcome new knowledge to improve our product and the way we work individually and as a team

Join us!

We are looking for one or several of the following skills …

    • Database expertise
    • Strong C++11/14 programming skills
    • Deep algorithmic knowledge
    • A keen interest and experience in RTL-design
    • Enjoy close to metal programming
    • Know-how in parallel and distributed software

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Director Engineering

As the Director Engineering for our growing Berlin office, you report to the CEO and will manage the performance and wellbeing of a set of engineering teams. As Swarm64 grows and develops, you will work closely with the VP Engineering and Scrum Masters to ensure the Engineers’ highest level of success through non-imposing and collaborative guidance. You will foster a solid understanding of each Engineer, their career development, performance and how they work in their teams. You will be a vital participant in cross facilitating communication between Executives and teams for information about the company development, team dynamics and team performance.

full-time | immediately | Berlin

Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer

As our Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer you will push our Swarm64 Data Accelerator to its limits until it breaks. You will be writing use cases and specialized product tests that impress on customers the capabilities of the Swarm64DA. Your work helps to make our product perform better, while being stable and highly reliable. You will be a member of the Systems Integration team. Team 51 is multidisciplinary and has a broad interest in different programming languages, frameworks and technologies. Team 51 often directly interfaces with customers.

full-time | immediately | Berlin

Senior Software Engineer

As our Senior Software Engineer you will be improving database speed by developing better internal storage data types, both with and without the hardware. Together with your team you accelerate databases by using our hardware to offload bottlenecked operations from the CPU. You productize our software to provide our customers with a solid, well-built solution that meets or exceeds their needs with a good user experience. You are working with our Quality Assurance Engineers to test our software as it is developed.

full-time | immediately | Berlin

Senior Design Verification Engineer

As a Senior Design Verification Engineer you will join the Swarm64 Platform team, a skilled group of engineers developing a high-performance FPGA accelerator for the database world. Together we will take our FPGA accelerator to the next level of quality, delivering a top of the line product to our clients.

full-time | immediately | Berlin

Senior Test Engineer

As a member of our application team, your work has substantial influence not only on the stability of our product, but also on the productivity of our developers. Through close collaboration with stakeholders you gather test requirements and implement them in collaboration with software developers. Your work makes Swarm64’s continuous delivery a reality and gives the team and company instant feedback when product quality can be improved. Your passion for software quality will make Swarm64’s products a success.

full-time | immediately | Berlin

Runtime Software Engineer

As our Runtime Software Engineer you will have the experience and knowledge to analyse software requirements, determine the feasibility of a design within the given constraints, consult with architecture and hardware engineers, and come up with software solutions best suited for us.

full-time | immediately | Berlin

Build & Tools Software Engineer

As a Build and Tools Software Engineer you will join the Swarm64 development team. You will be the driving force for the build system of a full stack product ranging from FPGA firmware and Linux kernel modules, all the way to storage engines and database systems. You will build tools to parse and generate code. You will develop solutions to orchestrate server clusters. You will develop continuous monitoring systems and benchmark visualization tools.You will be involved in our advanced continuous delivery process and you will ensure that our system is always deployed successfully.

full-time | immediately | Berlin

Senior Digital Design Engineer (m/f)

As a Senior Digital Design Engineer, you will join the Swarm64 Platform team, a skilled group of engineers developing a high performance FPGA accelerator for the database world. You will be involved in all activities of the platform team including computer architecture design, system design, and implementation and verification of system modules.

full-time | immediately | Berlin

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