IoT data

Scale out PostgreSQL on FPGA-accelerated servers to process IoT data in real time

Monitor a fire hose of “things” data in real time

The challenge for IoT systems developers is to process the data generated by internet-connected devices, often millions of sensor readings per second. You need to analyze data as it’s collected in order to monitor or control the behavior of things in smart factories, smart homes, and smart cities.

Build an IoT data analysis platform with FPGA-accelerated PostgreSQL

Swarm64 software enables IoT developers to accelerate PostgreSQL database performance on FPGA-equipped servers to achieve the high-velocity data insertion and fast query performance that IoT systems demand.​

Swarm64 & PostgreSQL for IoT data

Millions of IoT data points per second

Thousands of Swarm64 processes run in parallel on the FPGA within each server to compress and insert millions of rows per second.

Query IoT data in real-time with ANSI SQL

FPGA acceleration can speed up PostgreSQL queries by orders of magnitude and query while IoT data streams into the database.

IoT data at the edge or in the cloud

Swarm64 can run on FPGA-equipped commodity hardware installed anywhere. Process your IoT data on-premises, in the field, or in the cloud.  

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