Solution-Data Warehousing

Data warehouse modernization

Transform the economics of data warehousing with open source PostgreSQL, accelerated by FPGA and Swarm64 

Running analytics on aging, expensive data warehouse platforms?

If you run aging data warehouse platforms like Oracle, Netezza, and DB2, you are probably facing licensing costs in the millions of dollars per year and having difficulty scaling, and integrating new data. You might be thinking about data warehouse modernization to help you address those challenges.

The easiest path to modernization? Free, open source PostgreSQL, accelerated by FPGA and Swarm64.

PostgreSQL is one of the most widely deployed databases in the world. It has served as the basis for many commercial data warehousing platforms like Greenplum, Netezza, and Amazon Redshift.

It can be the basis for your new data warehouses too, accelerated by FPGA and Swarm64 for greater speed, scalability, and price-performance.​

Data warehouse modernization with Swarm64

Free open source PostgreSQL

Build new data warehouses on free, open source PostgreSQL, one of the most widely used databases in the world.

Accelerated by FPGA and Swarm64

FPGA acceleration can speed up PostgreSQL queries and data insertion by orders of magnitude.

Modernize data warehouse economics

Free open source DBMS combined with FPGA-accelerated performance can reduce your data warehouse license costs by millions per year.

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