Building a data warehouse on FPGA-accelerated Postgres.

Say goodbye to aging, costly Oracle, Netezza, Teradata data warehouses and hello to free, open source Postgres.

Have an old data warehouse running on Netezza, Teradata, or Oracle?

If you’re a data architect who’d like to replace those aging systems with a free, open source database, then come learn about building a data warehouse with Postgres on FPGA-equipped commodity hardware–on premises or in the cloud.

FPGA-accelerated Postgres has been shown to deliver performance that’s comparable to Netezza, but at a small fraction of the cost.


  • Postgres for data warehousing, really?

  • The new data warehouse reference architecture

  • FPGA acceleration for Postgres – like adding 100 extra cores inside your server

  • Shortening data loading windows via dynamic FPGA reconfiguration

  • Scale inside with FPGA before you scale out – smaller, elastic clusters cut cost & downtime

  • Multiple FPGAs per server programmed to handle different query types–standard SQL, text search, GIS, etc.

  • Performance benchmark data

  • How to get started

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