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Have an old data warehouse running on Netezza, Teradata, or Oracle?

If you’re a data architect who’d like to replace those aging systems with a free, open source database, then come learn about building a data warehouse with Swarm64 DA-accelerated PostgreSQL, on premises or in the cloud.

Swarm64 DA-accelerated Postgres has been shown to deliver performance that’s comparable to Netezza, but at a small fraction of the cost.


  • PostgreSQL for data warehousing, really?
  • The new data warehouse reference architecture
  • Swarm64 DA acceleration for PostgreSQL
  • FPGA option – like 100 extra cores inside your server
  • Shortening data loading windows
  • Scale inside before you scale out – smaller, elastic clusters cut cost & downtime
  • Handle different query types–standard SQL, text search, GIS, etc.
  • Performance benchmark data
  • How to get started

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