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Swarm 64
PostgreSQL benchmarks

Swarm64 software extends PostgreSQL with transaction-safe query engine and indexing improvements that accelerate query performance. The following benchmarks illustrate the accelerative effects of Swarm64.

20x faster PostgreSQL queries (TPC-H – 1TB)

TPC-H is a popular SQL data warehousing benchmark.
With 1TB of data, running on a 144-virtual core server, Swarm64 DA improves PostgreSQL 12 query performance as follows:

  • 20x faster overall (all 22 queries)
  • Individual TPC-H queries improve anywhere from 7x to 60x faster.
  • With Swarm64 DA, all 22 TPC-H queries execute; without Swarm64 DA, five of the TPC-H queries timeout after 15 minutes.

The video shows how Swarm64 DA executes query 16 from TPC-H – 1TB 20x faster than PostgreSQL using 32-virtual cores.

Swarm64 DA technical architecture

Linear PostgreSQL query speed improvement (1TB TPC-H)

Swarm64 DA extensions enable PostgreSQL query performance to scale linearly as CPU cores are added to the server. Swarm64 DA enables PostgreSQL to exceed its parallel worker limits and apply much greater CPU resources to queries.

As shown in the chart to the left, with Swarm64 DA, increasing the server core count 125%, from 64 to 144, improves PostgreSQL query performance a near-linear 122%. Without Swarm64 DA, queries only speed up 12%.

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Continuously improving Swarm64 DA (TPC-H 1TB)

A long-time Swarm64 DA user benchmarked the performance of Swarm64 DA over several releases of Swarm64 DA.

As the chart shows, Swarm64 DA acceleration of PostgreSQL query performance has tripled from version 3.0 in 2019 to v5.0 in 2020. These tests were all run on the same 64-virtual core server.

We are continuously developing new ways for Swarm64 DA to accelerate PostgreSQL.