Accelerate your Postgres performance

High-performance Postgres extensions for faster analytics and easier scaling.

The Swarm64 difference

Postgres Acceleration

Scale in before you scale out. Boost Postgres performance with FPGA parallel processing – hundreds of SQL readers & writers working in parallel.

0 x
Faster queries
0 x
faster loading
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less storage space
1 x

Accelerated analytics

Swarm64 accelerates PostgreSQL analytic database performance: 50x faster queries 35x faster data loading 5x less storage space 4x better price-performance

FPGA acceleration

Famous for powering analytics in data warehouse appliances, FPGA hardware is now readily available and affordable to everyone. Hundreds of Swarm64 processes work in parallel on the FPGA to query, insert, and compress, data for higher analytic database performance.


Standard PostgreSQL

Swarm64 extends standard PostgreSQL. No forks, no lock-in, no changes to your SQL. Just free open source PostgreSQL...accelerated.

Benchmarking PostGIS

The easiest way to scale connected car data analytics. Toyota benchmarked FPGA acceleration of PostGIS under concurrent load.

How can Swarm64 help?

Data warehouse modernization

Replace costly, outdated analytic databases with free open-source PostgreSQL accelerated by Swarm64

Netezza replacement

The original FPGA-accelerated data warehouse appliance, now discontinued by IBM. Move your Netezza workloads to Swarm64.

Time series data

High-velocity data insertion, combined with fast concurrent queries of time series and PostGIS data. A Swarm64 sweet spot!

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