Hardware Acceleration for Postgres

The easiest way to speed up and compress Postgres data for analytics.

Technical Overview & Benchmarks

Open Source Analytics – Accelerated

Swarm64 enables high performance analytics on Open Source at a fraction of the cost


Scale inside, with FPGA and Swarm64

The Easiest Path to Postgres Performance

Within hours, Postgres could be answering your queries 50x faster…

1. Install an FPGA board on your server.
2. Install the Swarm64 software.
3. Choose which tables to accelerate.
4. Get faster insights.

Optimize your Data Warehouse

Swarm64 Data Accelerator is built for high performance analytics and high efficiency, running on the best open source database and hardware accelerators, designed to optimize your existing IT investments.

Hardware Acceleration for Postgres

Accelerate Postgres-based analytics performance with an FPGA card and Swarm64.

Swarm64 Accelerated Access

50x Faster Query Performance

Accelerates TPC-H queries by up to 50x.

Scale Postgres with FPGA

Fastest Path to Insights

Makes scaling analytics on Postgres easy and economical.

Swarm564 Compress data Icon

Fast Data Compression

Ingests and compresses GBs of data per second.

Swarm64 Open source database

Standard Postgres, Standard Hardware

Improves Postgres performance using off-the-shelf FPGA cards.

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