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Our vision is to solve the challenge of fostering smart decision-making creatively in a mutual learning community. For that we work inventively to make a difference by providing fast database systems at low cost.


Team Work

Everyone is included doing their best and supporting one another to achieve a common goal



At Swarm64 you are given the freedom to create



We give equal opportunities, evaluating without bias yet with empathy



We deliver the outcome that we have committed to


Make a difference

We develop and deploy technological innovations with a wide-reaching positive impact


Continuous Learning

We actively seek and welcome new knowledge to improve our product and the way we work individually and as a team

Join us!

We are looking for one or several of the following skills …

    • Database expertise
    • Strong C++11/14 programming skills
    • Deep algorithmic knowledge
    • A keen interest and experience in RTL-design
    • Enjoy close to metal programming
    • Know-how in parallel and distributed software

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Build & Tools Software Engineer

As a Build and Tools Software Engineer you will join the Swarm64 development team. You will be the driving force for the build system of a full stack product ranging from FPGA firmware and Linux kernel modules, all the way to storage engines and database systems. You will build tools to parse and generate code. You will develop solutions to orchestrate server clusters. You will develop continuous monitoring systems and benchmark visualization tools.You will be involved in our advanced continuous delivery process and you will ensure that our system is always deployed successfully.

full-time | immediately | Berlin

Senior Digital Design Engineer (m/f)

As a Senior Digital Design Engineer, you will join the Swarm64 Platform team, a skilled group of engineers developing a high performance FPGA accelerator for the database world. You will be involved in all activities of the platform team including computer architecture design, system design, and implementation and verification of system modules.

full-time | immediately | Berlin

Senior Design Verification Engineer (m/f)

As a Senior Design Verification Engineer you will join the Swarm64 Platform team, a skilled group of engineers developing a high performance FPGA accelerator for the database world. Together we will take our FPGA accelerator to the next level of quality, delivering a top of the line product to our clients.

full-time | immediately | Berlin

Product Owner (PO) (m/f)

Together with SCRUM Masters (SM) and the development teams, POs form a cornerstone of the product development process. The balance between these three cornerstones ensures that our customers are happy, we are following lean practices and are having fulfilled teams. The PO is the team member ultimately responsible for the product features (“what” has to be built). The “what” includes the product vision, the product backlog and the product release plan.

full-time | immediately | Berlin

Scrum Master (m/f)

You enjoy working as an agile coach who takes teams beyond getting agile practises up and running into their deliberate and joyful pursuit of high performance. You will work closely with the PO providing him support in all aspects related to organization and management. As Scrum Master, you will support our teams to reflect and improve towards their perfection vision. Your goal is to create an environment for people to succeed.

full-time | immediately | Berlin

Agile Database Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer (m/f)

Your passion for software quality will make Swarm64’s products a success. As a member of our application team, your work has substantial influence not only on the stability of our product, but also on the productivity of our developers. Through close collaboration with stakeholders you gather test requirements and implement them in collaboration with software developers. Your work makes Swarm64’s continuous delivery a reality and gives the team and company instant feedback when product quality can be improved. You will also play a major role in the shaping of our future testing and quality assurance strategy and direction.

full-time | immediately | Berlin & Groningen

Master Thesis at Swarm64 (m/f)

At Swarm64 you will get the opportunity to work with a highly skilled, educated and ambitious team. Team members have educational backgrounds from Electrical and Electronics Engineering as well as Computer Science. This gets topped with hands-on experience on FPGA Design, Linux Device Drivers, Computer Software and Database Systems. You will work with the team throughout your thesis work, share, teach and learn. You will get all the guidance and help you need to carry out a successful Master Thesis.

full-time | immediately | Berlin

Senior Software Engineer (m/f)

Are you ready to take responsibility and provide leadership to Swarm64’s software development efforts? Are you comfortable with modern C++ or up to date with database internals? Do you want to write quality code that is reviewed and carefully tested? Join us and help change forever the way databases are used. Swarm64 allows ordinary companies using existing relational databases to tap the potential of big and fast data. Customers are excited to gain access to real-time performance without changes to their applications. Our full-stack software and hardware database acceleration plug-in supports PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MariaDB.

full-time | immediately | Berlin & Groningen

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