How It Works

Get the Performance, keep the Interfaces with a simple Hard- and Software Plug-In

Rethink your business for the real-time data world – Swarm64 provides you the capabilities

Popular Databases Accelerated  Relational databases and SQL are the backbones of data analytics in the enterprise. Swarm64 enables your IT department to handle large amounts of high velocity data and eliminates the risks and costs inherent to introducing new IT systems.

Customer Analytics  Detect store and e-commerce customer needs and react in real-time. Understand your customers better by performing deeper business intelligence analysis using more data points at a lower cost and in-house.

Industrial Control and Smart Farming – Control your processes and assets in real-time. Use the collected data to add value to your products, increase quality or lower costs. Detect and stop threats immediately. Accelerate innovation. Achieve this with your existing IT and skills.

Grids and Networks – Create value from traffic analytics in smart grids, data-networks and telecom. Deep analytics of high- velocity data streams and the ability to react in real-time increases sales per asset at a lower cost.

Lets You innovate with big and fast data

with Your existing IT and available skills

so that You win customers faster

This is how Swarm64 works

S64DA utilizes the latest generation of Intel FPGAs to deliver optimised performance for data warehousing and analytics use cases. We enable real-time analytics in PostgreSQL, MariaDB, and MySQL which gives you:

Solution Architecture: S64DA

Solution Architecture: S64DA

Increase Data Throughout

Swarm64 utilizes an FPGA to heavily compress the data. The highly adaptable nature of the FPGA enables the use of complex algorithms in real-time on gigabytes of data. The Query Engine ensures that only the relevant data is returned to the CPU.

Defining Optimized Columns allows the Swarm64 plug-in to only select the data needed for a specific query. This results in higher speed combined with substantial storage savings and reduced networking costs. Contact us to calculate your individual business case.

Reduce CPU Load

When executing database queries, the first processing steps can be “pushed down” to the Swarm64SDA, where they are executed close to the storage layer. Only the relevant portion of the data is passed on.

In this manner, the processing and caching requirements in main memory are reduced significantly, which leads to a higher query performance or identical query performance on a much cheaper and more energy efficient server.

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