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Database software developers and parallel processor experts teamed up with the vision to accelerate relational databases to unprecedented levels of performance. The result is a complete hard- and software stack integrated into open source databases. Our product makes big data analysis available to the masses.

Our solution reflects our priorities: We strive for the best results. We invent full stack solutions across the boundaries of hard- and software. We develop our product with customer benefits in mind. We put people first. We love what we do.


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Izarra joined the company in May 2015 to support the administration and personnel areas. She is a Hivekeepers’ team member, primarily responsible for company organization, accountancy, finances and team-related issues such as hiring and onboarding. She helps out team members with the German bureaucracy and in her new role as a Scrum Master she makes sure the scrum framework is properly implemented.

She studied languages in Spain and Germany and started her professional career in an online marketing company. There she acquired relevant knowledge and experience for administration, accountancy and HR roles.



contributes to Swarm64’s engagement with customers, its strategic & competitive positioning, organization & processes and relationships with investors & stakeholders. His main objectives are that Swarm64 is creating products & services that delight customers while the team is taking pleasure in solving tough challenges.

Karsten joined Swarm64 as an investor and board member and subsequently took on his present role as CEO. He has been successful as founder, executive, advisor, board member, engineer and researcher for 30 years. Karsten holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and a diploma in Physics from Leibniz University Hannover, Germany.



co-founding Swarm64, Thomas contributes at the intersection of technology and business. He brings customer requirements and Swarm64’s development teams together. With an eye on keeping Swarm64 on track financially, he co-invented some of the technology behind Swarm64.

Completing his first degree, Thomas worked on IT infrastructure projects in a multinational enterprise. After his MBA from Lancaster, he gained first experience in the management teams of venture-backed start-ups. Thomas has 8 years of experience on C-Level management while retaining his passion for technology. Having worked and lived in Germany, UK, Norway and the United States, he loves Swarm64’s international environment.



Ben takes care of all aspects of Swarm64’s financial, legal and operations challenges. He contributes his diversified experience in advising tech companies in raising money and M&A.

Benjamin spent 15 years in Corporate Finance with Robertson Stephens and Sardis Capital, serving entrepreneurs, investors, and consolidators in the technology community, with a focus on cross-border investments/acquisitions. Married with two children, Benjamin is a German national who has grown up in France and since lived in England. He speaks English, German and French. He holds a Master’s Degree from the ESCP Europe and a Law degree from the Universite Paris XI.




is responsible for system integration at Swarm64. He contributes to the quality of the product by developing customer specific use cases. He further maintains the IT infrastructure alongside with developer services such as continuous integration which helps keeping our quality standards on the highest level.

Before joining Swarm64 in March 2015, he worked as software engineer in the music industry. Prior to that he researched the programmability of heterogeneous architectures, e.g. systems combining CPUs with GPUs and FPGAs. He holds a MSc degree from TU Berlin in Computer Sciences. In his spare time, Sebastian develops iOS apps.


Lisa joined the team in February 2017. As member of the administration she contributes to the growth and efficient organization of Swarm64. She is responsible for everything concerning team members and those who want to join the team. She supports the scrum teams in hiring new members and she works with finances and accountancy as well as general administration.

Lisa studied Nordic languages in Freiburg, Stockholm and Berlin. Besides English and German, she speaks also Swedish and Danish. After her Master Degree, she started in Marketing and Promotions in the Movie Industry.



Application Development


joined Swarm64 in March 2016, adding software engineering talent to our team. He works towards expanding and improving the Hive’s codebase for the benefit of our customers. His skill in his language of predilection, C++ and his willingness to expand in new areas are adding knowledge and energy.

After undergraduate studies in electronics and computer science in Rennes, France, he completed his doctoral studies in the field of computer graphics in Toulouse. He is also a member of the official blog isocpp.org




contributes to Swarm64’s success as a senior software engineer. He works on the full software stack from device drivers to the application software. Besides that he hires and mentors new team members. His main objective is solving tough technical challenges with a world-class engineering team in a lean way.

As first employee, David has contributed to Swarm64’s growth from the early days on. He won several prizes in the area of real-time computer graphics. Before joining Swarm64 David implemented distributed control systems for oil and gas pipelines at one of the leading software vendors in the field.




joined Swarm64 in January 2017 from the USA as a serious C++14 developer who is happy to dive into device drivers, the kernel and hardware when necessary.  Cheinan’s main contribution is helping develop the Swarm64 Database application and ensure that it is, and remains, a solid enterprise-class product.

Cheinan’s background includes building large-scale computational biology systems, natural language programming and a strong interest in the C++ language and its future.  He holds a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from the University of Minnesota and a BChE from the University of Delaware that he takes for long walks in the Tiergarten.





contributes to Swarm64’s success as technologist and software engineer. He is inventing and applying cutting edge database design and parallel algorithms to Swarm64’s SDA platform. His main objective is transforming ideas into new products together with a world-class team.

Luc has over 10 years of experience in software development, architecture and optimization. Before joining Swarm64 he worked on a wide range of products. Most notably he architected and implemented both an embedded real-time video analysis platform and a streaming big data platform that is among the fastest in the world.


contributes to Swarm64’s success by implementing innovative database technology optimized for Swarm64’s Scalable Data Accelerator. He is enthusiastic about creating cutting-edge software products that are built on a theoretically sound base.

Before joining Swarm64, Philipp developed methods for the analysis of neuroscientific data and sharpened his coding skills on a port of his favourite video game classic. Philipp holds a diploma in computer science from Humboldt University of Berlin.

Platform Development


Starting as a co-founder in Swarm64, Alfonso has worked on creating and testing many parts of the hardware design that is the core of the performance behind SDA.

He completed a master on Industrial Engineering at the Polytechnic School of Madrid, and worked for one and a half years in the world of the Internet of Things. After that experience, the desire to learn new things brought him to Berlin and Swarm64, where he makes sure the hardware performs and no bug is left alive. For this work as Hardware Engineer, Alfonso received the Award to the Young Alumni in 2016.





is part of Swarm64’s FPGA development force, the engine driving our accelerated database solutions. His main responsibilities include SoC design and verification of our FPGA’s, integration of 3rd party high-speed communication interface IP’s, troubleshooting and on target debugging.

Nikos has worked with embedded software and hardware for the telecommunication and mainly the medical industry, contributing to the development of various successful products. He holds a Diploma of Electrical Engineering from National Technical University of Athens and a Master of Science from the Royal institute of Technology in Stockholm, in the field of System On Chip Design.



contributes to Swarm64’s software development kit, which includes a runtime API, parallel code generation, and development tools. His past experience lies in hardware and software design techniques for real-time embedded systems.

He holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences from the University of California, Berkeley and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of California, Santa Barbara.





joined Swarm64 as a freelance HW designer in its early stages to help design and implement the Swarm64 parallel processor. Since 2015 she is a full team member and she recently started her role as a Scrum Master.

Before Swarm64, she worked as a student advisor and lecturer. She has several publications and has been involved in program committees of well-known conferences. She holds a PhD in Electronic Engineering and has experience in research laboratories where she was team leader for different R&S projects on Wireless Sensor Networks, Reconfigurable Systems on Chip and High Performance Computing.



joined Swarm64 after completing his master’s. He’s with our FPGA development team and he’s very passionate about FPGA technology, having deep interest in hardware and software design and implementation.

After completing his Bachelors in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Enugu State University of Science and Technology, he proceeded to the industry where he worked for a period of four years and gained experience in embedded systems, software design and development. Later on he proceeded for a Master’s degree in Computer and Systems Engineering, studying at both Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia and Technical University of Munich, Germany.



Before joining Swarm64 in November 2016 he participated in the european project SMECY (Smart Multi-core Embedded Systems). His role was to design and develope a protoype runtime of an OpenMP compiler for the STHORM multicore platform.

He received his PhD in 2016 from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Ioannina in Greece. He received his MSc with specialization in Computer Systems and his BSc from same department in 2008 and in 2005 respectively. His research insterestes include parallel programming models, multicore embedded systems and Performance analysis with emphasis in the design and development of runtime systems. In his spare time he rides his bicycle and develops android applications.



Ericson joined Swarm64 in November 2016 as a senior RTL design engineer, helping to strengthen Swarm64’s FPGA development capability. He has deep experience in all aspects of FPGA logic design, and is an expert in the development of area-efficient, high-speed, clean and reusable modules and architectures.

Ericson is from England and has worked in a range of senior roles on FPGA-based technology projects in telecommunications and broadcast industries, delivering numerous successful new products. He came to Berlin to experience working in its renowned international startup community. He holds a Bachelors degree in Electronic Systems Design from Bournemouth University, and an MBA from the University of Southampton with thesis on lean new product development.



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