Instantly Extract Value from Big Data to Improve Life

Use PostgreSQL, and and get In-Memory Database Performance at Ten Times more Memory and One Tenth of the Cost


Scalable Data Accelerator Benefits

Swarm64 Scalable Data Accelerator

Ten times more memory using SSDs


In-memory OLAP performance with hardware acceleration


Use SQL for big data analysis on native data in real time


No more ETL: OLAP and OLTP workloads run side-by-side

Swarm64 Scalable Data Accelerator

SDA for PostgreSQL

Removing Key Bottlecks

Swarm64 uses SSDs instead of RAM and accelerates access to the data using FPGA based hardware. This results in data ingestion and online analytics running in parallel at orders of magnitude higher performance on ten times larger data sets.

Deeper Up-to-Date Insights

Aggregate data more often and get results immediately. Real time analysis of very large data sets provides deeper insights into your data and allows timely decisions based on more frequently updated information.

No Changes to Applications

Integrates into your existing DB as a Foreign Data Wrapper. The Swarm64 Custom Scan Provider plug-in enables the accelerated data path.

Run big-scale OLAP right next to your day-to-day database workloads and let the Swarm64 Scalable Data Accelerator do the work. No ETL required.

SDA for MySQL and MariaDB

As easy to use as “yet another storage engine”

Single ALTER TABLE command enables all the feature – once the table is updated, acceleration is always on

No risky migration requirements – both fast change on all tables or a gradual table-by-table change are possible

Execute OLAP and OLTP workloads side by side with enhanced transaction safety (true serializability). Removes the complexity that comes with ETL.

Hardware accelerated MySQL

Larger data sets, more frequent and much faster data updates and aggregations, instant results to online queries: New business opportunities and operational efficiencies open up to enterprises that are experienced SQL users but have not yet been able to afford big data analysis. MySQL accelerated by Swarm64 rivals the power of big-enterprise custom software for big data analysis.


Meet Swarm64

Swarm64 exists so you can rely on proven and easy-to-use open-source databases for any data processing application without resorting to hard-to-use tools, complex workarounds and costly tuning.

Career Opportunities

Swarm64 combines hard- and software to accelerate databases to unprecedented levels of performance at much lower cost. If you have very strong problem solving skills combined with a can-do attitude and you prefer solving challenges in a team over doing it alone: Here is your opportunity to contribute to the next big thing in a team you will like to be a member of.

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